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Safety Notices / Recalls

SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT Compact Digital Multimeter

Model: MMU-110

The following safety information must be observed to insure maximum personal safety during the operation at this meter:

  • Do not use the meter if the meter or test leads look damaged, or if you suspect that the meter is not operating properly.
  • Never ground yourself when taking electrical measurements. Do not touch exposed metal pipes, outlets, fixtures, etc., which might be at ground potential. Keep your body isolated from ground by using dry clothing, rubber shoes, rubber mats, or any approved insulating material.
  • Turn off power to the circuit under test before cutting, unsoldering, or breaking the circuit. Small amounts of current can be dangerous.
  • Use caution when working above 60V dc or 30V ac rms. such voltages poses a shock hazard.
  • When using the probes, keep your fingers behind the finger guards on the probes.
  • Measuring voltage which exceeds the limits of the multimeter may damage the meter and expose the operator to a shock hazard. Always recognize the meter voltage limits as stated on the front of the meter.


  • Never apply voltage or current to the meter that exceeds the specified maximum:
Input Limits
Function Maximum Input
V DC or V AC 1000VDC,

1000V AC

A DC/AC 10A DC/AC (30 seconds max every 15 minutes)
Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance, Duty Cycle, Diode test, Continuity 1000V DC/AC
Temperature 1000V DC/AC





This symbol adjacent to another symbol, terminal or operating device indicates that the operator must refer to an explanation in the Operating Instructions to avoid personal injury or damage to the meter.


This WARNING symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.


This CAUTION symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, may result damage to the product.

This symbol advises the user that the terminal(s) so marked must not be connected to a circuit point at which the voltage with respect to earth ground exceeds (in this case) 500 VAC or VDC.

This symbol adjacent to one or more terminals identifies them as being associated with ranges that may, in normal use, be subjected to particularly hazardous voltages. For maximum safety, the meter and its test leads should not be handled when these terminals are energized.